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Salute To A Construction Mogul, Tadenikashe Ademiluyi 




Tadenikashe Oriade Ademiluyi (HRM) is an esteemed professional and the visionary Chairman of Crown Allodial Constructions, a prominent construction company based in Lagos, Nigeria.

With his wealth of experience and distinguished career, Ademiluyi has expanded his expertise through
profitable association with industry leaders, especially his working for Mr. Bidemi Amusa, CEO of
Carillion Constructions Limited Lekki Lagos—a subsidiary of Dillon Architects and Builders and one of the topmost construction companies in Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria, owned by Architect Gary Sanusi.

Professional Background:

Ademiluyi’s journey in the construction industry has been shaped by his invaluable experience working with Bidemi Amusa. He garnered extensive insights into the intricacies of construction management, project execution and client satisfaction. This foundational experience has played a pivotal role in shaping his approach to leadership at Crown Allodial Constructions.

Leadership and Human Resource Expertise:

As Chairman, Ademiluyi brings a unique blend of leadership acumen and human resource expertise to Crown Allodial Constructions. His tenure with Carillion Constructions Limited has not only fortified his understanding of construction dynamics but also enriched his ability to nurture a skilled and motivated workforce—a key ingredient in the success of any construction enterprise.

Noteworthy Projects and Industry Impact:

Under Ademiluyi’s leadership, Crown Allodial Constructions has successfully undertaken and completed a spectrum of projects, leaving an indelible mark on the¹ construction landscape. The company’s commitment to quality and innovation reflect the lessons learned from working with industry giants like Dillon Architects and Builders.

Commitment to Excellence:

Ademiluyi is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of excellence in all facets of Crown Allodial Constructions. His experience working with Carillion Constructions Limited has instilled in him a commitment to delivering projects that not only meet but exceed clients’ expectations, establishing Crown Allodial Constructions as a trusted and reliable construction partner.

Community Engagement and Social Responsibility:

Beyond business operations, Ademiluyi is committed to community engagement and social responsibility. This commitment aligns with the values instilled during his time with Carillion Constructions Limited and reflects a broader industry responsibility toward sustainable development and community upliftment.

Future Vision:

Tadenikashe Oriade Ademiluyi (HRM) envisions a future for Crown Allodial Constructions that builds upon its current success, fueled by a commitment to innovation, sustainable practices, and
unwavering excellence. His strategic vision is poised to propel the company further into the forefront of
the construction industry.

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