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Call ‘Adeniyi Alimi Sulaiman [a.k.a. Revolutionary Alfa’] To Order, Oba Orile Oluke Tells IGP, CP



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The Oluke-Oríle, HRH, Ọba Adeola Ishau Balogun Abumegbedo1, has called on Inspector General of Police and Ogun state Commissioner of Police, to call to order one Comrade Adeniyi Alimi Sulaiman aka Revolutionary Alfa to order, for his nafarious activities in the town, and using his social media handle as a tool of destruction.

Contrary to the claims by Executive Chairman, Centre for Human Rights and Social Justice (CHRSJ) Adeniyi Alimi, that the parcel of landed property situated lying and being at Oluke Orile town in Itori Area of Ewekoro local government area of Ogun state belongs to late chief Arayomi Osujis children.

It is pertinent to bring to the notice of Mr revolutionary Alfa that it is against the ethic of journalism, as the case is before the Court, to release any news that would mislead the public and lead to unrest in Oluke Orile town, as Only the court can decide same and presently no land matter whatsoever between arayomi and Oluke people is before any court except that of criminal instituted by the king himself.

The publication of Alimi has actually defamed the extolled Palace of Oluke Orile, the monarch, his wife, children and Chiefs, thereby causing them inexplicable pain and trauma as a result of his unverified report published online and shared by Sahara Reporters.

Also, it is imperative to state that Ọba Adeola Ishau Balogun Abumegbedo1, was installed in 2011 without any hindrance, prejudice or objection from any ruling house, immediate or extended family nor the society as a whole.
It is also well known that those distrupting the peace since 2020 were at large but were recently arrested and charged to a court of competent jurisdiction in Itori with charge number MIT/73c/2023 between the Commissioner of Police vs
Kolawole Arayomi
Gafar Arayomi
Fausat Arayomi
Salako Arayomi
Taofiq Arayomi after thorough investigation.

The aforementioned people were discovered to be the same persons listed as children of late Chief Arayomi Osuji by Acclaimed revolutionary alfa. In his write up of defamation against the Oba dated the 31st of July 2023.
Alfa Alimi also wrote against the Oba stating that he jumped bail at eleweran, which is an allegation far from the truth, as chief k Ajose, lawyer,
to the Oluke Orile palace stated that “after the police found out the truth, the case was closed and the petitioners been supported by Alimi were asked to go to court as their allegation was a land matter hence the police have no jurisdiction over civil matters.”

It was further discovered This same set of people accosted one Alhaji Onadimoku at onigbedu junction, beat him to stupor but were latter arrested and charged accordingly, hence the substitution of the above charge MIT/73c/2023 with charge number MIT/10c/2023 as follows:

*Count 1* . That you Gafar Arayomi ‘M’, Fausat Arayomi ‘F’ Taofiq Akinwale’M’ and Salako Adedimeji ‘M’ on the 12/01/2023 at about 1759hrs at Onigbedu road, Itori in the Itori Magistrate District did conspire along yourselves to commit felony to wit conduct likely to cause breach of peace and assault thereby committed an offence contrary to and punishable under section 516 of criminal code review laws of Ogun State Nigeria 2006.

*Count 2* That you Gafar Arayomi ‘M’ Dausa Arayomi ‘F’, Taofiq Akinwale ‘M’, Salako Adedimeji ‘M’ on 12/01/2023 at about 1750hrs at Onigbedu road, Itori in Itori Magistrate District did conduct yourselves in a manner likely to cause breach of peace by behaving disorderly and assaulting one Onadimokun thereby committed an offence contrary to and punishable under section 249 of the criminal code review of Ogun State Nigeria 2006.

*Count 3:* That you Gafar Arayomi ‘M’ Fausat Arayomi ‘F’, Taofiq Akinwale ‘M’ and Salako Adedimeji ‘M’ on the same date, time and place in aforementioned Magistrate District did unlawfully assault one Onadimokun Kabir ‘M’ by giving him first blow all over his body thereby committed an offence contrary to and punishable under section 351 of criminal code revised laws of Ogun State Nigeria 2006.

It might also interest us to know that *THE HEAD* OF *Arayomi family Pa Benjamin Arayomi aka Pastor Olúwalose* deposed to an affidavit sometimes in June 2022 at the high court of Ogun state in the Ota judicial division stating categorically that there is no rift between the present Ọba of Oluke Orile HRH Adeola Ishau Balogun.and Arayomi Family, He stated that all the above mentioned names are not in anyway related to the Arayomi family except the first defendant, i.e one Kolawole Arayomi whom the head of the family identified as his nephew who knows no boundary or has a house in Oluke orile, and has left Oluke orile since he was born and has never approached the head of family for any family land or portion whatsoever.

After thorough investigation with the King, Olu of Oluke Orile, Chiefs and Oluke Orile community including the market women, artisans etc. it was discovered that the accused parading themselves as Arayomi family members, has no building in Oluke Orile talk less of family house, it was also discovered that these people come at intervals to terrorise Oluke Orile community, and that the community cannot sleep with their two eyes closed not until they were arrested and charged to court.

Contrary to the devastating write up of Alimi of phone number 08038591504 and 08022697573 at no point was the reputable king H.R.H Ọba Adeola Ishau Balogun Abumegbedo 1, was been arrested, He was never invited but voluntarily went to the police station with some of his Chiefs, as a father who has his People’s love at heart.
Unfortunately, Adeniyi Alimi Sulaimon aka revolutionary alfa stated ironically to please himself and his cohorts in his agitation for unrest, chaos and anarchy in Oluke Oríle community as he has been promised vast parcel of land by his supporters of this evil act.

We therefore want the IG and the Ogun state CP to arrest alimi and the miscreants he is supporting. who is publishing several ridiculous stories without proper investigation against the Oluke Oluke Orile Palace and her people.

Chief Mrs K. Àjọṣe [esq] of 08050830029 clamour For Immediate trial of Mr Alimi aka revolutionary Alfa for using adjectives such as murderer, trespasser, land grabber, malicious damager, encroacher, vandaliser, carmelionistic character, thug, fugitive, vagabond, terror, bias, incompetence, corrupt, indiscipline, sprade of flaws, prejudice, insincerity, someone who paverse justice, favouritism in ways and barbaric on ọba Oluke Orile Palace, Chief and the people of Oluke Orile.

The palace of Oluke-Oríle has demanded apology in 3 daily Newspapers and all the group where the defamatory story and news are posted or else a court action will be taken against him in the next 7 days

Henceforth, we require a high moral character from our journalist, we request they make their findings before any publication hear from both parties, and always publish the truth.

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