Nollywood actress, Ireti Doyle, who has been in the news this weekend after confirming her crashed marriage, has opened up on why she still bears her husband’s surname.

In a Twitter interaction with netizens, Ireti Doyle defended her choice of keeping her husband’s last name. She stated that the name ‘Ireti Doyle’ is how hers as it’s a name that is nearly 30years in the making.

The fan had inquired, “Please why still putting the name Doyle?”


Ireti replied, “Ireti Doyle is a name that is nearly 30 years in the making. It’s my mine”.

Ireti Doyle confirms divorce from husband

This is coming after Ireti Doyle officially announced that she had divorce her husband, Patrick Doyle.

The veteran actress spoke out for the first time on her divorce in an interview with Media personality, Chude Jideonwo.

Ireti affirmed that she and her husband of over two decades are officially divorced. “we are officially divorced”, she said


Delving into her life’s journey, the actress corrected the false impression that she had her first child at 17, rather she stated that she was 19.

Speaking on how she suffered physical and domestic violence as a teen, Ireti Doyle affirmed that she had no business getting married at the time she did, not to talk of who she chose to get married to.

“The truth of the matter is that I had no business being married at that time talk less of… let’s not even go to the choice of who I got married to,” she stated.

Ireti apologises to her fans over failed marriage

She further apologised to her fans for shattering their image of love and a perfect couple. However, her life isn’t an animation; and as such she can’t sacrifice it at the altar of fans imagination or fantasy.


“I’m sorry if I contributed to shattering your image of love and perfect couple, but my life is not an animation; I cannot sacrifice my life at the alter of your imagination or your fantasy.

So if I hurt anybody I’m sorry but I had to choose me.

I’d day (the marriage) was a picture, a pretty picture and there was a wide lacuna between the picture and reality”.

Patrick Doyle remarries

Just few hours after the news broke out of their divorce, Kemi Filani learnt that Patrick Doyle had finally moved on from Ireti.


According to words on the street, the businessman has allegedly married a new wife.

Instagram blogger, Cutie Julls shared a photo of him in registry with his new wife as they officially tie the knot.

Ireti Doyle on why she bears husband's surname
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