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Just In: Details Of Collapsed Ikoyi Building Contractor Emerge (Video)




Details of collapsed Ikoyi Building contractor has been revealed in a trending video.

Trending video footage of the collapsed Ikoyi building seen by Lagostimes Nigeria shows four persons trapped, dead. One male was dressed in a white shirt, black trousers; the other was wearing a blue site overall.

The recorder moves away to another spot where two others were trapped as responders and civilians collaborated to remove rubbles.

One of the emergency officers is heard in the background trying to stop the recording. “I go scatter that camera.”


The phone owner tells him to focus on his job. “Calm down, concentrate your energy on what you’re supposed to do and stop quarrelling with people. Nobody is happy.”

The citizen then focuses on two deceased workers wearing an orange apron with Skylum Nigeria Limited imprinted on the back.


“More than 50 people are trapped, over 50”, multiple voices repeated as they stood on what is left of Gerrard Terraces.

The apartments were also to be known as 360 degrees. The name depicts its setting which allows the occupants to have a 360 view of the affluent Ikoyi.

Scheduled for completion in 2022. Each unit was priced at between $1.2million and $5million and was 65 per cent sold.

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