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Nigerian Activists To Protest On Independence Day



Activists and revolutionists have announced plans to hold a nationwide protest on October 1 – Independence Day – in Nigeria.

The protest is necessitated by nine demands, according to a statement by the Coalition for Revolution issued today.

The statement, signed by CORE’s Co-convener, Baba Aye, and Co-convener, Gbenga Komolafe, was titled, ‘Poverty, insecurity, police brutality: CORE organises actions for October’.

Among their demands is the recognition of those who died during the #EndSARS protests as national heroes, with a national apology.

They complained that the Government has taken “the incompetence, corruption, and repressive tendencies of the country’s ruling class to the height of infamy”.

They also lamented that tens of thousands of workers have been sacked while many more have suffered salary cuts.

“Farmers cannot access seedlings and other agricultural inputs. Traders and other informal economy workers have no access to credit.

“The country’s public health and education facilities are in terrible states. Doctors are on strike; other health workers are warming up for a strike. And university teachers are also likely to go on strike soon. All these are because the regime refuses to respect collective agreements reached with their unions.

“Even our very lives are now in jeopardy. Physical insecurity has also become the order of the day. More than 4,000 people have been killed and at least 3,100 kidnapped this year alone. Several families have become bankrupt as they sold all they had to pay kidnappers,” they complained.

The demands for the #1stOctoberProtest are as follows:

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