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How To Keep Your Laptop Battery Healthy




The laptop battery you maintain properly, will serve you for a longer time that your past laptop batteries served you.

There is gainsaying the fact that with proper maintenance culture, you are saved disappointments, waste of resources ( money, energy and time ).

When you do what is necessary, you would not need replacement batteries so soon.


Wondering how to increase the lifespan of your PC battery? Whether you own an HP laptop, Lenovo Laptop, Dell or whatever brand of computer, these tips below will help in safeguarding the healthy status of your laptop battery.

All you need to do is create a consciousness in your mind to deliberately do the needful and apply the knowledge you have of laptop power battery hacks for your own good and advantage.


Tips to Keep Your Laptop Batteries In Good Shape


Do not overcharge the battery – Nigerians are used to keeping battery cells charging for a long period of time for fear of power supply interruption. This is understandable but not advisable.

When you notice your battery is sufficiently charged, it is best to unplug power. Not doing this will lower the lifespan of the battery leading to incurring of losses.

Charge with good source of power – When you charge with inverter like I did some time ago when my battery health was already failing, your battery will eventually pack up. Ensure you charge with good DC/AC current. Do not even charge with fluctuating generating sets without proper power circuit control.

Do not completely exhaust battery charge – I mentioned that you should not overcharge the battery previously right, now do not leave the battery without charge until it is completely flat and automatically turned off by your PC. To help yourself, try to set reminder using the battery/power settings so that when you battery power drops below a particular percentage, you will get a notification for you to plug in to a reliable and good power source.


Disassemble battery from laptop – If you will be travelling or won’t need to use your laptop for a long time, it is best to shut it down properly and remove the battery. This way, you are keeping it safe for future use.

Shutdown not Sleep or Hibernate – Most of us are in the habit of just closing the lid of the laptop without shutting down the system since we want to resume work without having to wait for the computer to run a cold start. We just need to exercise patience required for laptop to boot. Otherwise, switching to sleep or hibernate mode will kill the battery faster than we can imagine.

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