POB denies involvement in killing of Ahmed Gulak, sends condolence message to family in Owerri



The proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has denied participation in the assassination of Ahmed Gulak, a former special adviser Political to former President Goodluck Jonathan, on his way to Sam Mbakwe Airport in Owerri on Sunday.

Emma Powerful, the Secretary of IPOB, has said unequivocally that IPOB has no knowledge of the alleged assassination.

According to him, the late Gulak poses no threat to their cause, to warrant him being killed.

He noted that blaming IPOB for this heinous act serves only to divert attention away from the true perpetrators.

Alleging that this is the same way terrorists in security uniform commit various atrocities in South East and turn around to blame IPOB for their crimes just to tarnish their global reputation.

This, he claims, is merely a smokescreen to cover up their long-awaited intention to launch another special military operation in the Eastern region, killing more innocent people.

He urged security agencies to properly investigate the incident matter even as he pointed accusing finger on politicians of being responsible for the gruesome killing.

He queried if IPOB has the itinerary of the late Gulak to have waylaid him at the airport.

Before linking IPOB with the crime the jaundiced zoo security agencies should have first investigated Gulak’s host, Hope Uzodinma, as well as his political opponents to establish their possible involvement.

He further stated that the current allegation by police was akin to the previous allegation by the Lagos Commissioner of Police who raised false alarm that IPOB and ESN were planning to attack Lagos State.

“For us, linking IPOB with the assassination of Gulak is simply to pitch the East against the core Islamic North as a cover and justification for another round of pogrom against Easterners living in the North.”

He added, IPOB however have sent their heartfelt condolences to Gulak family for the unfortunate incident and prayed God to grant his soul eternal rest.

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