Boris Johnson Issued Court Judgment Over Unpaid £535 Debt


A county court has issued a judgement against British Prime Minister Boris Johnson over an unpaid debt of £535, according to the magazine Private Eye.

The ruling was discovered in official documents and sent to the prime minister on October 26th of last year.

The creditor’s identity and the nature of the debt are not revealed in the documents.

The presence of a county court judgment indicates that he was contacted about the debt before but did not settle it.

However, the amount remains quite small and local media like the Guardian say that the debt was probably not repaid “by disorganization rather than an inability to pay.”

It added that failure to pay these debts following a county court decision may affect the credit ratings of the people and may even lead to the county court requesting a debt-recovery bailiff.

Johnson’s finances have been the subject of intense media attention in recent weeks and months as a result of the contentious renovation of his Downing Street apartment.

The refurbishment may have cost up to £200,000, according to local reports. Johnson claims he paid the whole sum himself, but it’s unclear if he was given the money in the first place.

The Electoral Commission has launched an investigation into the renovation’s financing as a result of this lack of clarification.

Johnson is being investigated by the UK’s parliamentary ethics commissioner for violating the MPs’ code of conduct over who paid for his Caribbean vacation in December 2019.

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