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Abduction Of Students, Threat To Nigeria’s Future- Ansaru-Deen Chair



Alhaji Mohammed Liadi Olapade, Chairman Ansaru-Deen Society of Nigeria, Kaduna Branch, has said that Nigeria’s future is threatened with the constant abduction of students in Nigeria. Olapade stated this in Kaduna on Saturday during the 8th Day Fidau Prayer for the late Chief Imam of Ansaru-Deen, Alhaji Salaudeen Mohammed Jamiu, who passed away penultimate Saturday.

The Fidau prayer was attended by many prominent personalities and members of the Ansaru-Deen Society from across the country. Olapade said, if educating the nation’s children and future leaders is constantly interrupted by armed criminals, it means there is no future for the country, as the greatest resource of any nation is its human resource. “If we cannot educate our children, what future have we got? If our children are learned, that is the future that we have. There is no wealth that a nation has other than its human resource component. Things can only be better for the future of the country if we are able to train our future generation to carry the banner,” he said.

According to him. “it is not even the abduction or the money that the kidnappers are taking that is the problem, it is the fear that has been created in people. It is dangerous for people to lose a sense of security around schools.

It is also affecting investment, because not only foreign investors, even local investors won’t put their money where there is a sense of insecurity,” On the recent tribal clash in Ibadan, Olapade said, if only Nigerians can emulate the virtues of the late Chief Imam, Alhaji Jamiu, the country would live in peace and harmony, saying that, the late Imam was not only accommodating and unassuming, he was an example of anything good. He said all the divisions being clamoured for from certain quarters of Nigeria cannot lead the country to anything glorious, hence the need for Nigerians to close ranks, believe that Nigeria is the only country they have and work to make it strong.

The Chief Imam of Abuja Branch of Ansaru-Deen, Dr Musa Olaofe described late Imam Jamiu as a complete gentleman who gave all he had to the service of God and humanity.

He called on the Nigerian leaders, to emulate the late Imam, by using the resources and power at their disposal to protect Nigerians against the rampaging bandits and secure the country.

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