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Bad Roads: Workers Union To Begin Warning Strike December 7



The Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN) is embarking on a three-day warning strike from Monday December 7, to protest the deplorable state of access roads to seaports in Lagos State.

The union said in a communiqué Saturday in Lagos that the situation was no longer tolerable.

It said it had at various times in the past drawn the attention of the relevant authorities to the bad roads.

It said that the poor state of the access roads had made articulated vehicles to block them, putting other road users through pains of losing man-hours and facing risks of accidents.


MWUN said that its NEC in-session unanimously approved the central working committee’s recommendation that the union proceeds on a three-day warning strike to bring to the public space its disappointment over the total neglect of the access roads to Lagos ports by successive governments, and the urgent need for government to repair the roads.

It said:“From Second Rainbow to the ports, in the last three weeks, it takes not less than five to seven hours to access the ports depending on when you get trapped.

“When you are leaving the ports, you even spend more hours from the ports to the same Second Rainbow.

“A lot of innocent lives have been lost, many have been maimed by hoodlums who rob and dispose victims of their belongings,” it said.


The union said that response from the government would determine its next line of action after the warning strike.

“Many of our workers do not get home until midnight or even much later. The same thing happens to other users of Apapa-Oshodi Expressway.

“Many businesses have relocated out of Apapa and its environs to neighbouring countries because of the failed access roads.

“The implications are huge for the Nigerian economy and employment creation.


“It has not only affected businesses but also revenues of government.”

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